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Webinars Work

B2B marketers have embraced webinars as a tool to deliver key messages broadly, generate leads, build pipeline, and nurture prospects. Webinars are a key part of B2B marketing plans with a good ROI.

Webinar Leakage

Many in the target audience never absorb a webinar’s key messages.

80% who visit a webinar landing page don’t register
50-60% of registrants don’t attend
25% of attendees leave early

Many who are logged in multi-task and are distracted.

The majority of the target doesn’t register, attend, stay, or absorb a webinar’s key ideas.

How We Help

We turn a webinar’s ideas that matter into thought-leading content assets (executive summaries, white papers, ebooks) that can be leveraged to improve marketing results.

  • Extend a webinar’s reach
  • Increase lead generation
  • Engage prospects throughout the sales cycle
  • Provide relevant sales tools
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Turn your conference nuggets into shareable content

Conferences convey ideas that matter. But these key ideas are often not captured in a simple, concise, easily shareable way.

How We Help

We turn a conference’s key ideas into thought-leading content assets that extend an event’s reach and are an attractive sponsorship vehicle.

Types Of Conferences

  • Customer conferences and user groups
  • Management and employee conferences
  • Industry conferences
  • Association conferences
  • University conferences

Investor conferences Any conferences where the ideas being shared matter.

Types of Content Assets

  • Executive summaries (2-5 pages) of individual sessions
  • Mini-summaries (1-2 pages) of main takeaways
  • Key Themes of entire conference
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Drive Your Marketing Through Compelling Custom Content

Web content, blogs, enewsletters

For years BullsEye has created articles used on websites, enewsletters, and in blog posts. Content comes from conferences, from independent research, and from interviewing customers.


DocuSign engaged BullsEye to create a series of ebooks that use visuals and infographics to provide prospects with information about solutions in different verticals and for different use cases.

White Papers

Many clients have BullsEye turn the content from a webinar (or a series of webinars) into a detailed white paper.

Case Studies

Clients often engage BullsEye to interview customers to create customer case studies.


Increasingly customers are asking BullsEye to create compelling infographics that help use data and visuals to tell a story.

Sales enablement

BullsEye works with clients to create industry analysis and reports that enable sales to have high-level conversations with customers.

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