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Leverage Your Event Insights

Live events matter

Even in our digital world, live events are still critical. Events are:

  • Forums to share ideas that truly matter

  • A way to interact with customers and prospects

  • A key part of the strategy and budget

Your events can deliver even more value. You can:

  • Capture and leverage key ideas

  • Turn event insights into valuable content

  • Deliver messages beyond the event

  • Increase value for attendees and sponsors

Your events can be engines of valuable content

How BullsEye Helps

BullsEye improves the impact and reach of events by creating content assets that communicate your event’s most important ideas

Content Assets from Events

  • Executive Summaries of individual sessions

  • Key Themes summaries of an event’s main ideas

  • White papers and reports

BullsEye’s expertise: content assets for senior decision makers

BullsEye’s Benefits

  • Enable broadly sharing event insights that matter most

  • Extend an event’s reach and life

  • Provide a vehicle to repurpose content and touch customers and prospects post-event

  • Increase an event’s value and impact to attendees and sponsors

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Executive Summary Sample

Key Themes Sample

White Paper Sample

Report Sample

Examples of Who BullsEye Helps

Types of Events

  • Customer conferences and user groups

  • Industry conferences

  • Association conferences

  • University conferences

  • Investor conferences

  • Management and employee conferences

    (due to confidentiality, no samples available)

Almost any type of conference, meeting, or event where the ideas being shared matter

Types of Event Clients

  • Companies

  • Associations

  • Universities

  • Nonprofits

  • Government

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Customer Conference Sample

Industry Conference Sample

Association Conference Sample

University Conference Sample

Investor Conference Sample

Learn how BullsEye can extend the reach and improve the performance of your events

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