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Making Webinars Even Better

Webinars Work

B2B marketers use webinars to:

  • Deliver key messages at scale

  • Generate leads

  • Nurture prospects

  • Build relationships with customers and prospects

But webinars can deliver even better results

80% who visit a webinar landing page don’t register
50-60% of registrants don’t attend
25% of attendees leave early

The result: webinars often fall short of delivering key messages to your target audience

How BullsEye Helps

BullsEye helps improve your webinar performance by creating content assets that capture and repurpose a webinar’s most important ideas.

Content Assets from Webinars

  • Executive Summaries: 2-4 page synopsis of key takeaways

  • White papers and eBooks

BullsEye’s expertise: content assets for senior decision makers

BullsEye’s Benefits

  • Extend a webinar’s reach and life

  • Increase a webinar’s lead generation

  • Engage and nurture prospects throughout the sales cycle

  • Reuse webinar content as a relevant sales tool

  • Improve a webinar’s value and results

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Executive Summary Sample

White Paper Sample

eBook Sample

Examples of Who BullsEye Helps

Learn how BullsEye can extend the reach and improve the performance of your webinars

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