About BullsEye

BullsEye Resources is the world leader in turning insights from webinars and conferences into impactful, shareable content. BullsEye was founded in 2003 and is based in Sudbury, Massachusetts.

We have created content assets from thousands of webinars and events for hundreds of clients—ranging from major corporations to startups, along with top associations, leading universities, and important nonprofits and government organizations. We have worked across industries and geographies, helping our clients increase the impact and value of their events and content.

  • We are passionate about identifying and communicating ideas that truly matter
  • We excel at distilling complex information into simple, clear insights
  • Our brand is about brevity and conciseness
  • We strive to make each product visually appealing and easy to consume
  • Our team members are experienced, well-educated, dedicated content professionals

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