What’s the Future of Conferences?

Many of the conferences we are involved with, in virtually every industry, have speakers who talk about disruptive innovation. And disruption is also a salient topic in the event industry. Those who plan conferences are asking questions, such as: Will face-to-face events become obsolete? Will people connect via social media and other technologies instead of at live events? If live events survive, how will they change and what will they look like? Last year, BullsEye … [Read more...]

How to Get Published in HBR

Even in the age of social media, where anyone can publish anything (and many people do), companies and individuals still aspire to publish in the Harvard Business Review. HBR remains the thought leader in business, read by executives around the world. Disclosure: for 10 years BullsEye has done work for HBR—creating executive summaries of live conferences and webinars. Yet we’ve never actually published in HBR. (Sort of like a caddy at Pebble Beach who has never … [Read more...]

Webinars Done Right

It seems every organization has webinars, as they have become an important way to communicate broadly and inexpensively. Over the past several years we have listened in on hundreds of them, having seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. What separates a great webinar from a lousy one? Here are some of our observations. … [Read more...]