What We Do

BullsEye helps organizations leverage the content from their events.

BullsEye captures, distills, and simplifies the content from events so an event’s key takeaways are easily digestible and broadly shareable. This extends an event’s reach and educational value.


Executive summaries are our core product. Clients view this as “CliffsNotes of their conference.”

From a one-hour session we typically create a 1-2 page executive summary that simply and clearly conveys a session’s key points. Summaries are created quickly and packaged attractively; each summary reflects a client’s brand.

Other products include:

  • Key themes. A summary of the key themes from an entire conference or track.
  • Cascading kits. A turnkey kit allowing an organization to easily, quickly, and broadly “cascade” key messages to employees, members, franchisees, or other stakeholders.
  • Video clips. The key takeaways from a session in concise video form.
  • Clients also use BullsEye to educate their sales force about key trends and create newsletters and white papers.


Clients use BullsEye to broadly leverage their event content in multiple ways:

  • Reinforce key messages to attendees, who can be overwhelmed with information
  • Provide attendees a tool to easily share key takeaways with others
  • Extend the reach of an event—by delivering critical content to those who couldn’t attend
  • Turn an event’s content into thought leadership that can be repurposed
  • Increase the impact of an event
  • Make a great impression on attendees or other stakeholders after an event
  • Capture the content from an event so there is an archive of the intellectual property

Why Clients Engage BullsEye

Live events (conferences, webinars, customer meetings, workshops, etc.) are extremely important for many organizations. They involve a major investment of time and resources to plan and execute.

However, the focus is often on planning, preparing, and then executing a great event. Typically, little thought goes into leveraging an event’s valuable content afterwards to extend the event’s reach.

BullsEye’s clients think about their events differently. Our clients—leading corporations, associations, universities, and event organizers—see their events as “producers of valuable content” and engage BullsEye to capture this content, distill it, and then help them leverage it to maximize their event’s reach, value, and impact.