A valuable role of universities is to convene thought leaders to share important ideas on a subject. Yet often the ideas aren’t captured so that they can be easily disseminated after the conference.

BullsEye helps some of the world’s most prominent universities—including Harvard, Yale, MIT, Duke, and Brandeis—capture the key content from their conferences and events, so it can be preserved and shared with interested stakeholders.

Specifically, BullsEye helps universities:

  • Preserve key conference content as intellectual capital.
  • Create thought leadership that can have impact after the conference.
  • Extend the reach of events by sharing key conference takeaways with students, alumni, faculty, industry, policymakers, media, and other stakeholders.

Universities often have important conferences, but at times few people know about them, or not everyone who is interested can attend. BullsEye helps university marketers and communicators turn the content from an important university event into an information asset that extends the conference’s reach and promotes the university.

University clients

BullsEye has summarized university conferences, reunion sessions, alumni organizations, and on-campus speakers. (At times, universities have a corporate sponsor underwrite the executive summaries.)

In many instances universities have engaged BullsEye to summarize special events: a 100th anniversary summit; opening a new facility in China; a major conference on global trade; a special conference on social entrepreneurship; a first-time conference on the environment; a guest address by a Nobel Prize winner; or a conference coordinated by a prominent faculty member.

See examples of some of our university clients and our work for them.