BullsEye specializes in creating concise executive summaries of live events.

BullsEye creates BullsEye Briefs—concise 1-2 page executive summaries that capture a session’s essence and most critical points.

BullsEye Briefs

  • Produced quickly following an event by subject experts who are part of BullsEye’s national network of conference analysts.
  • Packaged in a simple, clean, easy-to-read format customized for each client.
  • Delivered electronically allowing broad and efficient distribution.
  • Used by clients: to reinforce key attendee takeaways; to extend an event’s reach to non-attendees; as a marketing tool; and as a vehicle for generating revenue through sponsorship or à la carte sales.

BullsEye’s Experience

If it’s a live event—a conference, symposium, summit, user group, webinar—we’ve summarized it. BullsEye has summarized events:

  • Throughout the U.S. and around the world.
  • Ranging from one session to eight concurrent tracks over multiple days.
  • In business/management, health care, technology, financial services, human resources, media, energy, government, education, and foodservice.
  • Including Nobel Prize winners, Presidents, cabinet members, senators, dozens of Fortune 500 CEOs, senior executives, management gurus, doctors, lawyers, and functional managers (HR, operations, sales, finance, marketing…).

BullsEye’s Results

Virtually 100% of clients who work with BullsEye on one project subsequently enlist BullsEye for multiple projects. This is because they find the executive summaries highly valuable and loved by their customers.

Other Services

In addition to creating executive summaries, clients have enlisted BullsEye to repurpose content from live events in conference reports, case studies, event daily briefings, white papers, newsletters, and magazine articles. We make our clients’ event content more valuable.