Event Organizers

BullsEye has helped some of the world’s most prominent event organizers differentiate themselves by leveraging the key content from their events.

Specifically, BullsEye helps event organizers:

  • Think not only about just an event’s logistics, but about producing valuable content.
  • Differentiate themselves by leveraging content to touch their target audience after a conference.
  • Create a unique offering that appeals to sponsors.

Event organizers pride themselves on creating unique events with unique content that appeals to their target audience. But often the content from an event ends as soon as the conference does. When BullsEye is involved, the content from an event is captured, distilled, and provided to stakeholders as thought leadership after an event. This extends an event’s reach, improves an event’s value, creates greater value for sponsors, and builds an event organizer’s community and brand.

Event organizer clients

BullsEye has summarized events for major organizations including:

  • Publishers – such as Harvard Business Review
  • Research firms – like the International Institute for Analytics
  • Nonprofits – including Global Child Nutrition Foundation, Aspen Institute, United Nations Business Council
  • Government entities – like Centers for Disease Control, US Department of Labor, US Department of Education, US Comptroller of the Currency
  • For-profit event companies –such as Balanced Scorecard Collaborative, World Business Forum, World Health Care Congress

See examples of some event organizer clients and our work for them.