BullsEye helps companies—including some of the world’s largest, most prominent corporations—dramatically improve the value of their conferences and events by capturing and leveraging the rich content from these events.

Specifically, BullsEye helps corporations:

  • Turn content from customer and investor events into easily digestible thought leadership that extends an event’s reach and enhances an event’s value.
  • Broadly cascade content from internal events so employees at all levels and in all geographies are knowledgeable about key trends, strategies, priorities, and initiatives.

VPs of marketing, directors of corporate communications, heads of executive leadership programs, and investor relations professionals value BullsEye’s ability to distill their event’s key takeaways and distribute them broadly to key stakeholders. (Their CEOs love it too.)

Corporate clients

BullsEye serves corporations in a broad range of industries including health care, financial services, consumer products, and high tech. Some of our corporate clients and examples of our work are shown in the sidebar. (This is only a partial list. Confidentiality obligations prevent us from sharing some names and samples.)